Saturday, 21 April 2012

Stamford Mid-Lent Fair - 18 March 2012

Michael Wallis, Jnr's Foden 4410 with Booster load

Jay Barwick's Foden Alpha with Freak Out load

William Percival's Foden 4300

William Percival's Foden S108 with Waltzer centre load

Dorinda Holland's ERF EC14 with Dodgem load

Dorinda Holland's Foden 4340 with Dodgem pay box

Alex Crow's MAN F90

Alex Crow's ERF EC12

Warren James' Volvo FM12

Warren James' ERF EC14

John Wheatley's ERF EC11 with Speed Buzz load

Ashley Wood's Foden Alpha

Michael Phillips' Volvo F12 with Super Star load

Albert Barker, Jnr's DAF XF with Kentucky Derby load

James Mellors' Foden 4380

James Mellors' Foden 4325 with Magic Mouse trailer

Charles James' Volvo FH12

Darren Mayne's ERF B-series

Roger Tuby's Volvo FH12 with Miami load

William Percival's Foden 4350 with Twist load

Henry Brett's Foden Alpha with Fun House load

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